TalentHarness for Small Business

Doesn't look right? Maybe you're a Recruiting Agency or an Enterprise Employer

Hi, I’m Paul. I run a small digital marketing agency. We’ve been growing like crazy the past year and finding the right talent is getting harder and harder. And I don’t have a lot of time to spend looking through job sites or perusing resumes. In fact, I need candidates to do something more when they apply for my positions. I need them to stand out, like with a video.

That’s probably the biggest hurdle I face—attracting the right kind of candidates to my positions. Do I just post my jobs to all the job sites like everyone else? I don’t think that is going to get me the kind of people I need. I have to distribute through social networks. I can’t have my businesses looking like every other business.

Find out how Paul can use TalentHarness to help him overcome the challenges faced by attracting and finding the right kind of candidates in today’s competitive market:

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