One Platform to Rule Them All

Ever seen that movie where the hero is trying to escape but he has to unlock the door first? Only he has a giant key-ring with like a hundred keys on it?

He’d probably feels like talent managers do today—frustrated.

Managing candidates. Posting jobs. Marketing opportunities. You might use a number of different tools today to get everything done. But what if you had one? What if you had one platform to rule them all? What if, like that hero, you knew which key was the right one before starting to fumble with the lock.

That’s exactly what TalentHarness gives you: a single, cloud-based talent-management system (or a set of keys to unlock any door).

Through TalentHarness, you can create jobs, review and manage candidates, and even market your jobs across the Web. No more wondering if you have the right tool for the right job (or key for the right door).

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