A Tool Fit for a Team

Imagine facing off against the defensive line of a NFL team. By yourself. That’s what it can feel like recruiting today. It seems that everyone is after the same candidates, every business filling the same job. It can feel like just you against that defensive line…everyday.

Today’s battleground may be the boardroom and those military commanders Vice Presidents but finding the right candiates to succeed in the business world is just as important. Except in the business world it’s tougher. You see, everyone is fighting for the same troops.

But when you have a team of your own (or you are part of one) trying to fill and market jobs can seem a little less daunting, a little less like you against thousands of pounds of angry football player.

TalentHarness includes a number of features to help you recruit as a team, everything from sharing your candidate database to coordinating recruiting efforts.

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Multi User

Easily manage users and assign rights

Flexible Teams

Users create their own teams freeing the administrator from the burden of team management

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